Dialogos Speech Communications SA was founded in 1998. The company specializes in research on the technological fields of speech recognition and analysis and in the development of speech-enabled automated systems providing information and services through the telephone or the internet.

Dialogos has developed and implemented the biggest systems of speech recognition and synthesis in Greece, using the largest number of channels in total. Dialogos’ implemented systems have served more than 10 million calls so far, whereas among its customers are: OTE, Cosmote, Vodafone, Intracom, ΟΤΕnet, Blue Star Ferries and Databank.

Nuance CommunicationsDialogos is Nuance Communications’ partner, representing the company in Greece, Turkey and the wider Balkan and Middle East area. Within the framework of this partnership, Dialogos:

  • Is Nuance Communications’ software distributor
  • Develops, customizes and supports multilingual applications of different nature, using Nuance’s products
  • Develops algorithms optimizing the performance of Nuance’s speech recognition systems
  • Conducts research, in cooperation with Nuance, for the further development of speech recognition and synthesis systems

Dialogos’ key partnership with Nuance has led to the development of new language models in the Greek, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic languages, which are all available with the Nuance Recognizer speech recognition application, as well as to the creation of two computer-generated Greek voices (one male and one female), which are used by the Nuance RealSpeak and rVoice speech synthesis systems.