Cosmote, the biggest mobile network carrier in GreeceCosmote, the biggest mobile network carrier in Greece, with 5,68 million customers and a 37% share at the Greek market (according to the 2007 statistics), has launched in June 2000 the first voice-activated service in Greece with real time information on the Athens Stock Exchange sessions and prices and on other financial data.

The Athens Stock Exchange service has been the first in a series of successful speech applications and portals hosted by Cosmote, which have been deployed by Dialogos and are still being supported.

MyCosmos Voice Portal

In May 2001, Cosmote added new speech-enabled services and launched MyCosmos, the first voice portal in Greece, accessible to Cosmote subscribers by dialing 14000.

MyCosmos Voice Portal


  • Real time Stock Exchange prices
  • Ferries itineraries
  • Real time status of arrivals and departures at the Athens International Airport


  • Cinemas and theatres program
  • TV program

Games / Fun

  • Horoscopes
  • Personality tests
  • Fortune-telling
  • Knowledge testing quizzes



Communication / Search

  • Receiving and listening to incoming voice messages
  • Reply or deletion of incoming messages
  • Searching for users meeting each member’s criteria
  • Sending voice messages to selected users or groups

Setting a Date

  • Online meetings and live conversations through the telephone with a selected member
  • Chatting sessions with online users, without disclosing the members’ phone numbers

Multimedia data exchange

  • Voice messages
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Photographs and videos (MMS)

Dialogos’ deployed services, which were launched at that time, cover the following fields:

  • Stock Exchange information
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Games - Fun

The portal is being constantly enriched with new speech recognition and synthesis applications, all implemented by Dialogos.

The voice portal is designed in a way that allows the user to access any desired information in the most natural, effortless and quick way, by simply addressing voice commands to the system. Speech empowered access to information and entertainment is provided to any Cosmote subscriber, remotely, regardless of location or time of the day and released from unpleasant call waiting situations.


In May 2003, Cosmote launched its dating service, Find-a-Date, developed and supported by Dialogos.

Find-a-Date users, anonymously and without access to other members’ personal data, exchange voice messages or directly contact online users through live conversations-voice chat. All users create a personal profile, where they verbally state their interests and preferences and which stands as their public image in the search for an ideal mate.

Cosmote Roamers Portal

In June 2004, Cosmote launched the first multilingual voice portal in Greece, Cosmote Roamers’Portal, targeting mainly foreigners and roamers visiting Greece for the Olympics.

During the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Roamers’ Voice Portal was providing information in 5 languages, covering the following fields:

  • City guides
  • Archeological sites and museums
  • Weather forecasts
  • Currency converter
  • Useful and emergency telephone numbers
  • Travel information
  • Information related to the Olympic games