OTEnet, one of the largest internet providers in Greece, launches its new value-adding service Email by Phone, deployed by Dialogos.

All OTEnet users having an email address of the type username@otenet.gr, can have access through the telephone to their email account and to their personal or professional activities organizers (OTEnet Personal Tools), where they can manage their contacts, calendar, notes and scheduled tasks.

Dialogos’ speech-enabled solution for reading and sending emails has been adapted to the design and needs of OTEnet existing services. The outcome is a product providing direct access to OTEnet applications, e-mail reading and sending services and ease-of-management of users’ tools and services. By combining the advantages of speech recognition and synthesis technologies with the company’s know-how on phone-based customer service applications, Dialogos is always at the position of offering innovative, client-tailored, user-friendly and fully functional solutions.