Dialogos SA is a pioneer of speech recognition and synthesis solutions in the Greek market. The company has deployed the first Greek and Turkish speech-empowered applications and the first voice portal in the Greek language.

The applications implemented by Dialogos are integrated speech recognition and synthesis solutions supporting the languages spoken at the wider area (Greece, Turkey, Arabic and Balkan states). Dialogos’ proposed solutions cover a variety of applications at the following sectors:

  • Financial and Bank services
  • Aviation services
  • Telecommunications
  • Call Centers
  • Voice Portals

Automated speech applications have been gaining ground at the Greek market; they contribute to a more efficient customer service and satisfaction, to quicker, more direct and automated information diffusion and services, to the facilitation and security of transactions and to the deployment of innovative and effective solutions.

Our clients are high profile companies searching for innovative, market-leading solutions, differentiated and excellent customer services, guaranteed quality and, finally, full after-sales support. Through speech applications they aim at not only upgrading their systems and covering the need for technological advances, but also at delivering an unparalleled customer service together with highly functional and original solutions and, therefore, attracting more customers.