Dialogos Call Steering

Automatic Calls Routing system through Natural Speech

It is a cutting-edge technology for automated, speech-enabled, solutions that enhance the feeling of a natural dialog during the callers-system interaction.

Main features

At most IVR systems the caller is guided by the system through a maze of menus. At every dialog state the IVR lists the available options and prompts the user to decide which option addresses his/her request.

With Dialogos' Call Steering solution though, the system that enables the Automatic Calls Routing through Natural Speech, the caller is welcomed by the system and prompted to describe his/her request in his/her own words, as if he/she was speaking to an agent.

So instead of choosing one of the innumerable given options, the caller simply replies to the open-ended question "How may I help you?".


A big percentage of the users’ requests, which the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are called to deal with, are relevant to routine procedures, which could be easily automated with the implementation of an IVR system.

The use of the Automatic Calls Routing through Natural Speech technology facilitates the automation of such procedures, without bearing any adverse effects on the quality of provided services. Allowing a natural sounding communication between the caller and the system, like a human-like conversation, the systems developed upon Dialogos Call Steering solution present the following advantages:

  • Replacement of the multi-layer maze of menus by simple and common questions
  • The callers can describe in their own words their requests
  • The callers' requests are automatically identified and categorized, enabling the routing of the call to the relevant dialog state
  • Natural-dialog based interface between callers and system
  • Automation and flattening of applications having an extended and complicated menus tree
  • Limitation of the time necessary to serve and complete a call
  • User satisfaction increase, as well as decrease of misrouted calls

The IVR systems which are equipped with Dialogos Call Steering solution can be the frontline of communication with the customer, fully undertaking the tasks of welcoming the callers, understanding their requests and routing them to a suitable self-service voice application or an agent.


With Dialogos Call Steering system, the user takes the initiative during his/her interaction with the speech application. He/she talks directly to the system in the outmost natural way and replies to open-ended questions like "How may I help you?".

The quality of service is therefore guaranteed, since the menu hierarchies are flattened and the user can bypass a tiring and time-consuming pre-programmed succession of questions and answers, which are normally necessary for the routing of calls through an IVR.

Customers' positive experience is even enhanced by the significantly shortened call durations. The user doesn't need to pass through the consecutive menu layers for his request to be expressed and thus served; on the contrary the call is directly routed to the appropriate self-service application. What's more, the call would only be diverted to an agent in the case that the system could not determine which self-service application was designed to meet the user’s request.