Voice Leasing

Lease of integrated solutions for the automation of call center's

So far, the options presented to a client, who was interested in implementing a voice solution, were as follows: purchase of the product and in-house deployment, or purchase of both the product and its development and operation services.

Both aforementioned options demand the investment of a big capital, as well as taking the risk of using a technology that requires specialized knowledge and whose return on investment depends on its users welcome.

Dialogos, carrying the experience and certitude attained during its steady course in the Greek market, introduces a new option: the Voice-Lease agreement, which enables the lease of an automated contact center.

Having as a single requirement the client’s commitment to a cooperation of a prearranged timeframe (of two or three years), Dialogos fully covers the cost and undertakes the development and operation of the customer’s voice-enabled application.

With this new business model, Dialogos proves that it possesses the experience and certitude over its systems’ performance. The invoicing model is based on the automation of the services and not on the number of inbound calls.

  • Dialogos' payment corresponds only to the calls which will be automatically served, without the intermediation of a call center representative.
  • We guarantee a satisfying level of automation
  • We enable the customer to directly reduce the size of his contact center or increase the number of provided services while keeping the existing personnel.

In any case, we commit ourselves to cover our customers’ existing needs at a cost that will only be a fraction of the remuneration of agents required for the same task.